Range breakout strategy

Please code for a strategy when the current price crosses above the highest high created in the 1st 3 hours since market opening. Please assist.

Hi @Harshil_dave

Refer to the below image for your condition.

Please refer to the following link to learn more about the nth candle function in Streak - Indicators - Streak Help

Hope this helps.

Is this scanner same for nifty and bank nifty index ?

Yes, you can add any stocks or indices and this condition will be checked on its chart and give triggers whenever the conditions are met.

Breakout trades do have a little higher probability to work, but at the same time, false breakouts can also occur. In such a case, a trader can witness losses and having a proper strict stop loss can work.

@Harshil_dave You can now also use the Free Streak scanner platform to create the scanners for Range Breakout as per your requirement.

Refer to the below example Opening range scanner-