RBI Governor quits

Guess opening for tomorrow…

Dhinka chika dhinka chika dhinka chika re re re re

THis is my prediction

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Tomorrow double bonanza offer 3 items only for Rs 10 vegetable market

Chinta ta ta chita chita
Chinta ta taa…
Mine prediction

Indian government interference in RBI business may be one reason??

last time when RBI governors resignation news came , BN opened 2% down …
will be an interesting day

Option Chain data suggests Neutral to Gap Up opening.

The Red numbers currently at SGX will be absorbed overnight.

Probably another , further down , -200 points on Nifty

No the theorem says incase of events and news that will take precedence over what technical indicators point to.

Double events. So definite down trend

This is a very serious incident. There must be something going on in the background which the people are not aware of. I hope that this doesn’t create a domino effect on the economy. What do you think is the reason that the Governor of RBI resigned from his post? Do you see any foul play?