Rcom jumping 10% daily


Any idea what’s so good with Rcom, that it is jumping 10% high daily since 3 or 4 days.

Or is it just the big players swinging the stock. Also i noticed that t is among top list in terms of quantity.


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Did you not know RCOM stock when it touched 9.60 all time low just few days ago?

That was the time to buy

Now? No idea

Whhy its jumping -

  1. Nifty is in uptrend, Midcap index is in uptrend. Once they reverse trend , this frog will jump into the well faster than it came out of it (unless there is some RCOM specific insider news)

  2. Since it reached all time low price of 9.60, some people with big money will be doing long term investment in this stock, because they see all FMCG, Banking stocks falling like cards.

  3. Some insider news or upcoming development or not? That we cant speculate. But without that also this kind of move is easy due to above two reasons

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Ya i know it touched 9.6 very recently but my point is it is jumping almost 12% daily consistently.

You know from where i am coming from… i am wrote a OTM call. Just worried if this is the rate at which it is growing, it can go ITM soon.


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Oh … it will go ITM only if there is RCOM specific news

Otherwise it will fizzle out soon

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there is news of rcom and its subsidiary global cloud xchange (gcx) for strategic transformation across india and emerging markets ,so this will make stock to get in uptrend for few days don’t know about long term and short term.

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Thank you guys for the info.

Noone knows (except few insiders) if both brothers are planing to merge Rcom with Gio.
One brother has infrastructure and other has technology…