Rcom. Thinking to buy RCOM @2

Should I buy Rcom? Stock really crashed completely to worst levels. Size 50k.

Well no offense but if you have decided to donate money you should prefer unprivileged ones. Buying a bad business is absolutely like burning your money.


why you want to buy rcom this company will close very soon , lot of good company is there , HDFC bank is giving yearly 20% for a decade why you r not considering , best stock to invest for long term is RBL its next HDFC bank consider bro that one


RCom is like a depreciating call option (time decay). Once you bought and went in to loss you are stuck forever (consistent pain is the only experience). Only novice traders buy a falling asset. They think they will buy a falling stock and get out with a quick gain of 5 to 10%. And you know next they found themselves down by 5%. Trading for a consistent profit month after month is not a child’s play.

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Lot of “bad” stocks have given double or triple returns from bottom even in worst years like 2018

But there is a risk of similar debt laden stocks like Shilpi Cable, Castex Tech, Unitech. You can see their price did not stop at 2 rs or even 1 rs and they kept falling.

So decide after considering that also.

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Just buy 5k quantity and forget for next 5 years.

I’m thinking Rcom will consolidate with any other. @vishnux

if you are lucky , surely some news will come and surely there will be 2 or 3 rupees spike .

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Nah! Really I never believed in luck. I just wanted to know, is that a really good idea.

This is my first investment. Just want to know the views.

I would like to give the Mr. Market for tuition fee for learning my mistakes, but knowingly giving a bad teacher tuition fee is a very bad idea.

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If u need logical advice , its worst decision , if u buy it , its just like buying lottery

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Rcom is more like an expired poison. Everyone is scared of tasting it.


Its traded once in a week .Looks like all money spent is just drained .Can i keep any hopes or never think of it anymore

any idea whats next for this stock pls