RE: Loan Against Securities (Beta)

It would be great for traders if you could include the Tax liability (lumsum amount) on the Tax P&L section of console. It would help us greatly while paying the advance tax…

Tax liability will be based on the total income of a person right? At Zerodha we will get to know only the trading activity bit, and that too only in your Zerodha account.

Yes, but most of the traders are full time and knowing what one owes at the end of each quarter is a must have feature.

Yes & the full time traders would be glad knowing it… Had a discussion with my CA regarding this, for the salaried people the advance tax part is taken care of and the employees don’t have to worry a bit about it unless they have other sources of income and it’s considerable. For us full time traders it would be a welcome feature, you could add whatever T&C’s regarding this… but it would be a huge help. :grinning:

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Have you checked the Quicko integration.

I doubt it would be of any help other than filing ITR for year which has passed. I don’t see anywhere that it shows the advance tax of the current year which is to be paid for the ongoing year… Makes no sense just to file ITR after the end of the Year and pay penalty if the sole income is from trading and it’s above the tax slabs. :anguished: