re-Opening Zerodha Accounts

I’ve decided to return back to Zerodha for swing trading/investing. I want to start a fresh. I will do only equity delivery based (CNC) trades; if my price target met I may exit on the same day, else at a later date. I will not do any FNO or leveraged trades.

In the account re-opening application process, I don’t wish to submit the POA right now. Instead, I wish to place my delivery (CNC) sell instructions by using the CDSL TPIN authentication, to guard against unusual circumstances.

But there is a problem. Weblink & not opening from my computer, saying “Server Not Found”. Seems website is down from yesterday night.

Friends, please check & let us know those links are opening from your devices or not. If CDSL goes down often (see this Bulletin), then how CDSL TPIN authentication will work reliably?

I think NSDL is better & much secured. I never faced any problem with NSDL. Can I open a Zerodha DEMAT account with NSDL?

Can I link my ICICI Direct/Bank DEMAT (NSDL) account with Zerodha? If yes, what are the respective charges?

Someone from Zerodha, please guide me in re-opening my accounts (Equity Trading + DEMAT).

@lindo Can you.

Looks like your account has become dormant since you have not transacted for over a year. You will have to do a reKYC on your account to resume operations on the same. This is an online process and is explained in the support article here.

There was a POA that you have submitted with us during the account opening and hence there is no need for you to set up the CDSL TPIN.

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Actually, I’ve closed my accounts before COVID-19 lockdown starts. My last transaction was on 2020-02-20 to exit my Zerodha demat (CDSL) holding positions.

As per customer care help docs, as I’ve closed my accounts, so I need to open my accounts afresh. Correct me if I’ve misunderstood something.

I want to revoke that POA (if not already revoked automatically in the accounts closing process). Instead, I want to use CDSL TPIN. More clearly, I don’t want to keep my shares in the broker’s pool account for a very long time. I will follow depository settlement cycles (T, T+1, T+2 etc) manually, to give delivery of stocks. For my plan to work correctly, CDSL must not go down often.
CDSL website is still down. Can you offer me NSDL demat account?