Re-think about auto GTT order selection in buying options

@nithin I know you are doing good for retailers but please re-consider the auto-gtt order selection.

If I am placing an SLM order as a stop-loss for an existing short position or even buying a hedge I have to always uncheck the GTT SL checkbox. This is very irritating for active traders who do large positions.

Many times large limit orders don’t get filled so we have to cancel and again place the orders depending on bid-ask. Canceling the checkbox every time reduced the speed and it makes the overall experience very irritating.

@nithin Why should anyone need a further GTT order while exiting F&O position. Right now when when I am exiting an existing position I am expected by default to enter a GTT.

Another problem. If I untick the GTT order, I am unable to modify the order. I have to cancel and re-enter.

May be have separate category of investors Level 1, 2, 3 and for more seasoned trader reduces the nudges they are not helpful. On many occasions they take away precious time.

If you uncheck the GTT once, it should remember it. Some issue with it, we will have it fixed before Monday.

@siva maybe update here once it is done.

Thank you! That would be an acceptable solution…