Reach customer care

Nope, just like always, squared off this week’s expiry & took position for next week’s expiry…

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yaa thought so.

mostly this would be a case of peak margin snapshot taken during the lag period when hedged trades are exited and second most likely case would be SPAN margin shooting up in the last margin file.

either ways - as EOD balance is positive, there wont be any margin penalty for traders. brokers have to bear if there is any peak margin.

Then why send us mail saying there is a possibility of penalty? So that we panic and add funds. I am okay with such mails and I came here to raise my concern. So many of them do not even know what to do. And customer care isn’t available.

I didn’t even get the mail. So I do not even know the shortfall amount. @MohammedFaisal

The whole thing seems a bit strange.
Firstly, the peak margin thing happens during the day, so what’s the point in sending a mail/call after 6 pm anyway?
Secondly, I wasn’t carrying any hedges, just naked selling, so no issue with margin increase while exiting or anything.
Lastly, SPAN issue comes when there’s heavy movement post 2 pm. And today was actually pretty dormant post 2pm. So, really strange that margin increased so much (if that’s the reason anyway).

Exactly the same thing. The question of closing one leg doesn’t even come into place. Actually the thing is the call was picked by my wife. It was a computerised call and it’s not like she can come and give it to me. The amount of short fall wasn’t mentioned. I just checked email. No mail is sent. I checked msgs too. Nothing there too.
Is it like a game where we have to guess the amount and add ??? Anyways. I added the funds which were in my account. But there would be many who wouldn’t have funds. What happens to them?

Customer support is the corner stone of any business. It is in the DNA of Dhan. Out of the context may be but just wanted to tell community here that better alternatives exist.

On a lighter note. Honestly tell us how much commission do you get. :joy::joy::joy:

Exactly. If the customer support isn’t available then why create panic by stupid computerised calls ? Just to keep a log of those calls and say we had called and informed??? Is that the purpose??

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You wanted a ticket to be raised. This is the ticket number. 20220811671011

I wanna know why it happened.


Absolute zero for posting here… :grinning: I think with few thousand crore topline a company can certainly invest in better customer support.

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That answers. :hugs:

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Can you go to Console and check ledger?

Check your email for daily margin statement. If you received today’s statement, you will know the exact shortfall amount.

Not updated yet. Last entry is on 10th August

Not received yet.

Check his website. He’s offering discounts on his services if you open Dhan a/c through him.
He’s from Dhan sales team.:grinning:

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Seems he made a good deal with Dhan.

@t7support why do you call yourself t7.

Seems like a good story.

So the story goes likes this.

There are 7 days in a week, and he wants to trade all 7 days if possible, but it is not, so he wishes for all 7 days in a week for trading to happen. t for trading, 7 for number of days in a week.

Absolute joke.

Then what does support mean?
He’s willing to help traders 7 days a week. That’s why t7 support. I guess

He wants all of us to support his wish for 7 trading days, which many of us may wish for too :grinning:

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