Real Estate - Realty Based ETF or Mutual Fund?

Is there an ETF or Mutual Fund that tracks Nifty Realty ?
I’m still averse to REITs unless there is a REIT that invests in Godrej Prop, DLF, Prestige Estates etc… pls suggest

There aren’t any yet. But NAVI mutual fund plans to come out with many such sectoral ETFs/ Index funds.

There is a small case for that.

somewhere I read there are 2 mutual funds that are closer to nifty realty… not the actual index but still gives one decent real estate exposure…

any idea about the name?

Is this the one that you are looking for ?
Also there is a realty tracker small case. check that out as well.

Thanks but none of these funds work as pure real estate India play… the first one is global real estate play where as the last one is PE play in Real Estate…

I remember seeing somewhere about 2 funds that were closest proxies to the real estate funds… I dont know how to use smallcase though :frowning:

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