Real Time Data

Hello Nithin Sir,

I have a question…

Why Zerodha’s name is not in the NSE’s List of Authorized Data Vendors/Redistributors ?

Sir, I am asking this bcoz, on Monthly expiry day of last month , Nifty’s future chart 29th June Expiry was not showing on TradingView Platform for the first one hour, I analyze on Trading View and place orders at zerodha Kite web. But Nifty’s future chart on kite platform was working fine from the market opening.

I checked NSE’s website to see whether TradingView is a authorised data vendor, I found TradingView’s name on the list but no name of Zerodha

List of Authoized Vendors.pdf (48.3 KB)

Stock brokers in India aren’t required to become data vendors. We can show market data to all our trading customers without being a data vendor. But this is allowed only behind a trading login, on a trading platform, and only if the customer is registered on that exchange.

Could have been an issue with the Tradingview platform.