Real-time-PAT(profit after Taxes)

Hi Friends/Traders,

The Profit/Loss  is shown in the ZerodhaTrader master window,But it is not profit after brokerage/taxes.To get around this issue I have made a formula which shows actual profit after brokerage and taxes.This I use to monitor real time PL, in a excel sheet where the entry price,quantity and LTP has been pasted from market watch.The formula is:-

Profit/Loss for Long=(Quantity*(LTP*0.99954695-buyPrice*1.00020305)

Profit/Loss for Short=(Quantity*(sellPrice*0.99954695​-LTP*1.00020305)

this works for intraday positions where position size is <= 2 lac

​I want to do this for delivery , T1 & T2 trades

But a bit confused about the costs like:- What is brokerage for T1 & T2 ?.Are the costs same? Also how the DP charges.? This too has to be factored in.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

thanks & cheers


All charges on this:

Delivery trades: Rs 20 per executed order or 0.1% whichever lower (Both T1 and T2)

Intraday: Rs 20 per executed order or 0.01%

DP charges is flat Rs 13 per debit instruction. So if you have sold 100 shares of Infy in a particular day (irrespective of the number of trades), it will be debited once at end of day from your demat. Rs 13 will be charged for every such debit.

All other charges are on that link above.