Reason Behind Candle Sticks (Red or Green)

What’s the reason behind appearing Red candle & Green candle. In both cases certain quantity has been exchanged right? Irrespective of price. Supply and demand?

its just the starting point and ending point in particular minute.

@vishnux. Lol! Yeah! I got it what you said. But i was asking Why red appears. With an Ex: Price reached 100 to 101, Red Candle appeared. Why red candle appeared when price increased. What could be the points behind appearing green or red candle. Am i being clear? Do i need to be more specific?

Its OHLC … open , high , low and close , in case if price is between 100 and 101 , and candle is read , it means price started from 101 and went down to 100 , if candle is green , vice versa.

You are being very dumb! twice. I’m asking reason? you are saying effect! Please man. Kick me if i’m asking wrong. But i should! lol :joy: Read the question again… @vishnux I understood that you don’t know lol.

@siva Any input on this? From your personal experience.

You are asking for japanese candle sticks right ? and why its green and red right ? If its yes , you are the one who will look like dumb here.

:grin:. Read my question. Understand the words i used. If I’m still wrong. Please message me. I agree with your answer. I know the candle stick patterns, OHLC. Please go through the question bro. I have no right to say DUMB. But situation is like that. Please go through., @vishnux

Its the basis of japanese candle , you can keep blue and yellow if you want in trading view.

In both cases certain quantity has been exchanged right? Irrespective of price. Supply and demand?

yes but sellers are strong in that minute , so its red.

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Oh god! Finally some light in the room. That’s what i meant. You are defining primary info which i know. I was using the word “Reason behind it” Which you clarified. Sellers are strong.

hehe , thats what we interpret , but creator of japanese candle stick kept it red , because he wanna know price closed below open , as simple as that.

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Some quantities are being exchanged but not irrespective of price. If let’s say both the candles i.e. red and green have same volume then it is clear that in green the commodity was in more demand and in red it was in less demand or may be people who entered earlier wanted to book profit.

There is no one explanation to why they are green or red. Multiple scenarios multiple options.

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Yeah! Whole confusion started there. Any links can you share? @saurav106

Que? seems TRADING KINDERGARTEN classes.