Received a margin call on hedged position with enough balance?

The position was hedged as follows:

Buy Hindustan Unilever june futures @ 2079
Buy Hindustan Unilever june PUT option @ 2080 - Rs 63.5

I received a message that your EQ utilization has reached 126% of your available balance. add funds to avoid square off. Despite of having more than enough funds in balance after margin how could i receive this margin call message.

And above all this is a hedged position so all the downside was covered.

Max downside it went was 2068.

@Tradermax hai its happening for me also . i have enough cash in my account say 6 lakhs , suddenly showing -1.25 lakhs then showing 70k plus then suddenly showing -1.8 lakhs , kite have some problem , @siva please update the funds page properly i think there is some problem

Can you give your ID.

Today it happened? if possible can you please add more details.

Please note the SMS was sent due to counter order placed on Hedge position , In case if you have have any Hedge position and you have placed any counter order for the position Exchange will not consider the Margin benefit received on the Hedge position considering you are closing one of the contract which was availed on margin benefit. on the same margin will be considered has two separate contract.where you can’t place any Limit or SL orders

@siva Which counter position? It was a Long on future and long ATM Put.