Receiving random sms from tipsters


Daily getting tips sms where can we report this


Follow these steps:

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Let me try this,I’m reviving calls from Kanpur,Indore,Gurgaon I don’t knwomhow they operate any body know how do they operate pls do throw some light on this ,what is their business model how they make money


Almost every person opening a demat account receive these spam calls mostly from Indore. They ( Trading advisory firms A.K.A scammers) somehow get database comprising phone numbers of demat account holders.

Further they would make a call to all of these account holders for selling their tips in form of plans. Basically they provide stock tips for monthly fee.

As far as I am aware almost all of them are big time scams as their calls mostly results into losses. Never ever fall for their trap.


Today I got call from Kanpur I hear children crying I think this had become cottage industry kind of where housewives work from home I got scared of this continues they simply say buy and sell diamond call goldcall platinum evening dose morning dose super VIP targets thrilling Thursday’s Live Robot Hedge fund update what names they give to lure in customers,I frankly said instead of these you could do some other job,the problem is when we are rude they pass on the numbers to many many tipsters so I can’t be very rude at the same time have to convey my concern

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@dheeraj @Vinay_S : my personal experience clearly indicate that you get such calls and sms from these so called Tip givers , only to investors with the broker owned demat accounts and not to demat accounts with bank or cooperative banks who do not do brokerage business. It means brokers are selling your data base.
I am having demat account with a cooperative bank and in last many many years never received any call !
about a year back when i updated my profile on a leading stock discussion portal with my cell no , i got call from a very big brokerage house seeking my appointment which i politely declined . never got any call thereafter.
So it is obvious who are selling data of investors !


low discount brokers are known to sell databases hence such calls are increasing…if SEBI is granting approvals to such fraud cos without any due diligence etc what can you expect. God save india ! Modi cannot change all this


Even big brokerage houses are buying database either from other brokerage houses or from financial portals but from the experience of only call i received , they are not providing any tips and tools but calls are made to seek appointment .

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The Zerodha guys had clarified this:

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Yes you are right, it is a well known fact that fraudsters get access to the database though brokerages(both discount and full service) . Just ask any of your friends/relatives to open a demat accounts with any of the brokerages, pretty sure they will start getting calls next day onwards. Now it is a debatable topic whether the tipsters illegally gets access to database or purchases them . There are many such instances shared in quora as well.


It’s very easy to leak out database…a company may not directly be engaged but you cannot stop employees…FYI i had no other account except zerodha few yrs back & after opening ac i started getting all such calls.


If that is true then the broker is in for a rough ride, lots of people with political connections trade in the markets and they won’t be happy if their own broker is leaking the information. Legal problems would be the least of their worries.


Just block there somewher in your phone. By the way I am owning phone for a lot of time and really do not know which function to use to deal with that, but I assume if that can be done on phone level it can be done on mobile operator level for sure, I got you anyway;)


This is what digital India is all about, laws are almost never for the common man.
Arent you getting mails from email addresses you never subscribed to sending government propaganda?
Look at what UIDAI did with databases.
Why would industry offer privacy if banking enjoyed lack of privacy?
More to come
Enjoy digital India