Recent BPCL dividend

I had few shares of BPCL, and in my console holdings it shows dividends, but the amount not yet showing transacted to my bank account. Just wanted to check if anybody else here also got it, if yes… by when we should be expecting it to be showing in our bank accounts?

Just because they announce dividend doesn’t mean they will pay you immediately.
Make sure to read corparate announcement by the company where they will mention the payment date.
It’s on 27th oct.

The dividend payment date is generally 30-45 working days after the record date. You can find the record date details here.

If you are eligible for dividends and have not received it even after the dividend payment date, you will need to contact the companies’ registrar.

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Whenever a company announces dividend, they also announce an ex-dividend date. If you own the shares of the company in your demat account before the ex-dividend date then you will be eligible for the dividend payout and you will either receive it directly in your bank account or a cheque will reach you. The payment date is usually one to one and a half month after the announcement.

Also dividend payments are automated by NACH.
I’ve never heard someone who did not receive dividend credit even after holding shares.
They have the data base of share holders and will just automate the payment.
So, very less probability of error.

Extract from Annual report

The Board of Directors of the Company has recommended a final dividend of ` 58 per share. Final dividend, once approved by the members in the AGM, will be paid to the eligible shareholders within the stipulated period of 30 days of declaration at the AGM.

Which means you will get it within 27th Oct. Generally they pay it much earlier than 30 days

Actually, I had read the payment date earlier in corporate announcement documentation. But I had misread Oct 27 as Sept 27, hence got curious and confused. Now, got it clarified… Thanks everybody. :slightly_smiling_face:

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