Recommended Books for Stock Market


Recently I saw one post discussing movies to watch related to stock market.

Similar to same if you have recommendations for good reads related to stock market, motivating or improving trading skills.

Only book I have read so far related to money is Rich Dad Poor Dad which lays foundation requirements of investment and assets vs liabilities

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Check out these links, lot of good books discussed here:

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Some of my favourite books:

The Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas
Market Wizards series by Jack Schwager
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Jesse Livermore
Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by Edwards Magee
Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John Murphy
Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman

A lot of them are available for free audiobooks on YouTube so you might want to add them to your playlist and listen.

I also recommend listening to “Chat with Traders” podcast on YouTube where this Australian guy interviews some of the best and most savvy traders from around the world.

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Thanks guys for valuable inputs, I will start on these books right away :slight_smile:

Currently reading “The aspirational investor” by Ashvin B Chhabra. A masterpiece if have to define in a word.

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I wonder what are some good books to learn the trading or actually get motivated for trading as a business? I know at the end of the day the screen is more important than books. But its always good to get yourself motivated about what you are doing by following some successful traders and their mindset.
Anyone has read (Most specifically finished :stuck_out_tongue: ) any such good resources then do share with me.

I dabbled with motivational books for a while but finally realised that the best motivator in trading is the real money (however small) you make while trading and the stats showing that your strategies are finally working. The next step from there is scaling, which can be done so easily.

As I mentioned in the previous post (now posting link), do check out the chat with highly successful traders for additional dose of motivation:


Madam neha, tell your VRD sir to join AMA session on this site for giving guidance on intraday trading.

You can coordinate with @Tintin .

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Great suggestion, thanks ! Will check with Tintin on that.


Day Trading

  1. How to day trade for a living by Andrew Aziz
  2. How to day trade by Cameron Ross
    Both are retail traders.


  1. One up on the Wall Street by Peter Lynch
  2. Beating the Street by Peter Lynch
    No need for an introduction of Peter Lynch :smile:

Thanks Neha. Yes I am listening to this audio book only atm. :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing in right direction.

Thanks, currently reading Jack Schwager, will set these books for my reading list as well. :slight_smile:

Great last week, this week I am reading “The Barefoot Investor” By Scott Page. What a joy I am getting reading this book. Please read it and experience it yourself, I am guarantee you it will give you more pleasure that trading(Phantom pleasure,because of dopamine infuse).

Which one, there are two titles in Barefoot Investor series.

I am reading the reprinted with updates June 2017.

Thanks @Neha_Raghuraman ma’m

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