Record Date BEL Bonus

I have purchased 100 shares of BEL today afternoon. The shares are shown in Positions tab in Kite app (till now). Bharat Electronics Limited has declared 1 bonus share for every 10 share and set up record date as 29.09.2017.
My question is am I eligible for BEL bonus share, even when shares are currently in positions tab only.
If I am eligible, than after how many days bonus shares will be reflected in my Demat Account.

Note: I am new to market so not aware about terminologies.

Hi Prateek,

As you can see in the image below the record date for the bonus issue is 29/09/2017 and the ex-bonus date is 28/09/2017, the people who have the shares in their demat account on the ex bonus date only will be eligible, so you will not get these bonus shares, the person who sold you these shares will be getting these if these shares were in his demat account on that day.



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