Referral Brokerage Benefit in Zerodha

Zerodha says you get 10% of the brokerage paid by your referrals (if more than 5). For how much time do you keep getting this 10% of brokerage?

There is no minimum or maximum period, you will continue to receive the brokerage % as long as they are trading. You can read the T&C here.

Hi @ShubhS9

I have more than 1000 in referral wallet.
And I have referred 5 persons who have opened account.
Among the 5, the status of 3 are ‘Account Activated’ and rest 2 are ‘Account Opened’.
When I try to withdraw amount, I get an error saying I have to have 5 referrals.

What seems to be the problem?
I had created 2 support tickets but the reply was vague.

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