Reg P & L Calculation in back end reports

Currently Trade wise Reports from your back offices has P & L calculation based on actual SELL value and BUY value with out considering expenses like SEBI fees, Stamp Duty , IGST, SGST, exchange transaction charges and DP charges … if you can add two more columns for these charges and DP charges in your TRADE WISE EXITENTRY sheet report based on the EXIT TRADE DATE, it would help a lot to arrive at right P & L with expenditure of that particular EXIT TRADE DATE which generally comes in contract note … with out looking going through all contract notes for these expenses … reports of charges by EXIT TRADE DATE are more important for TAX purposes than script wise … Hope Zerodha will look into this which can make your reports for Tax Purposes far more useful …


@Nakul Can you check.

Hey @Srini_Yarramsetty, this will be coming in the next version of Console, our team is currently working on. The reports are being cleaned up and all the relevant data are being added. The trading charges, which is currently available on the scripwise P&L sheet, will be made available on the tradebook as well for your perusal. The DP charges and all the other charges posted directly on the ledger will appear separately as other credits and debits as it isn’t really possible to apportion these costs at each individual trade level. We’ll keep you updated when we take this live.