Reg stock suspension

Hi guys, I am new to trading. Recently purchased few stocks of XX company. When I try to sell the stocks now, it says Suspended by Matrix Internally. I am not sure what this is. When I looked into NSE, the stocks are now trading in BE series. Will the suspension be revoked soon & should I be waiting to sell it. I am unsure as to what to do now. Could someone provide some info on this

what is matrix internally ?

@vicky2020 BE is a series of the stock, which means it can be sold only after the delivery of the stock to your demat account (Buy+2 trading days). Click here for more info.

@TheGouda Thanks for the reply. So, for me to sell the EQ series stock, should I wait till that company is trading back in EQ series in NSE?

Alternately, will I be able to sell these NSE stocks in BSE, as I am unsure when these stocks will be trading in EQ series again in NSE?

Pls provide your guidance

You don’t have to wait until it changes the series to sell. You can sell anytime as you have the stocks in your demat account. But if you buy the stocks in BE series, you can sell them only after T+2 days.

You can sell in NSE or BSE as per your choice.

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Thanks much for the clarification. That really helps… Yes, have downloaded Varsity app & reading through… Appreciate your help!