Reg. T2t n be stocks

Hi … about to start equity intraday in nifty500 stocks only …Cn someone pls clarify tht the stocks which are in be or t2t segment, have ‘be’ written in front of their names in kite (fr nse stocks) … so cn assume tht stocks which dnt have BE written (in kite) are safe to trade ?

Dnt want the trouble of getting into a stock which m nt able to exit same day (planning to trade in littl leverage)

I knw tht most of nifty500 stocks cn be traded in intraday bt came across 2 stocks lately (dnt rem their name) which wer in nifty midcap100 list on nse site (suppose nifty midcp100 must b a part of nifty 500) n was in be category also

Any nifty500 stock cud also be in BE or t2t categry ?

Currently Zerodha has blocked many shares from intraday buy/sell, so you must check with zerodha atleast one day before trading in that stock as it is possible they might block trading next day and you are trapped like me.

Which stock u traded in
Is thr any link to chk list of such stocks?

Found this

This link is to identify the list of stocks which are moved to asm n gsm category time to time … its regularly updated on nse site

So al in al we cant trade mis in stocks blocked by zerodha, t2q be and asm gsm stocks

Stocks blocked by zerodha cn be found here

Zerodha list is not up to date. And thanks for GSM stocks location from NSE :slight_smile:

Are you talking abt asm, gsm stocks or stocks blocked by zerodha ?

Cud you tell which stock u traded which u got trapped ?
N which list nt updated by zerodha ?

I cannot say I was trapped as I buy stocks on my own risk. Check for SELMCL on Kite platform , it says it is GSM 2 or above stock and on BSE it is not in GSM.

Tht is bcos bse doesnt show bz or be in front of stocks …bt nse does