Regarding crypto currency trade

If i can arrange say 5 lakh rupees and hold them in ethereum which is doing good now and 10-15k rise in its value in coming 6-7 days will be not surprising.
This practice can fetch me 20-30k in a week.
Is that a healthy trading?
And the bigger question, is that feasible?
P.S- i am new at trading.

I don’t think that is feasible for ever if we consider history but seeing the current moves it is understood everyone is going through FOMO effect( fear of missed out),so if I have 5 lakhs I won’t mind putting 50k to 1 lakh in crypto and treat it like another asset class and I would make peace with myself even if that 1 lakh goes to zero, never take this risk if one is not ready to loose entire investment in crypto. I mean calculated risk is okay to an extent, rest 80 to 90% of total available portfolio should not be gambled like above. This is just my personal opinion.