Regarding filling of ITR 2

I am filling ITR 2 first time and have only 3k profit. In incometax official site can we upload excel file directly which we get from zerodha consol. or is there a another blank excel sheet i have to fill. I can use quicko but as i think it charges 500 rupee and my gain is only 3k. so any advice ?

U need to just mention overall purchase value and sale value in STCG section in ITR form

No need to upload any excel

Hey Sunil,
Income from Capital Gains is reported in ITR-2. A taxpayer cannot file ITR-2 directly on income tax website, and will have to use the Income Tax Utility. You will have to enter the data manually since you would not be able to import data in the ITR Utility directly.

With Quicko you can import your trades use our DIY platform to file your ITR with ease.
With integrations like these with your brokerage, banks and investment platforms, we make sure what you pay is worth the price and your time :slight_smile:

We will soon go live with ITR 2 and ITR 3 filing!