Regarding inconsistent terminologies in Annual Reports


I am in my early days of reading annual reports and was practising reading the Annual report for Varun Beverages.

The annual report is inconsistent and there are multiple places where they have used the word “your company” v/s multiple places where they’ve used “We …”.
For example: Your Company has presence in 27 States and 7 Union Territories in India and across 5 developing economies.

Is it common for companies to be inconsistent in the terminologies? Or I’m just noticing something that I should complete ignore.? Please guide

I am not sure what inconsistency u r pointing out… It is customary to use words like your company and we for a group of people in which the reader and author both are present…

Since the annual report is published by the company, why would the management of any company use the words “your company”? Why not call “our company” or “we have not accepted any deposits during”? The reason is cause management itself is a part of the company and by using the words “your” it feels as if they aren’t a part of the business.

I’m just starting to read annual reports and thus I am sorry if this seems like a inexperienced person’s question.

It is just to make the reader feel good. I don’t think it is of any consequence

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Company is owned by the shareholders. Management are paid employees for it .

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Thanks AJ

Thanks Prakhar