Regarding Mutual fund transfer

I have some mutual fund(ELSS) in Aditya birla MyUniverse. I am not using that account right now and I want to tranfer those funds to coin. How can i do that

Hey @sekhar916

If you have these ELSS funds in DEMAT form, check out this article for the procedure to move them to Coin.

If you don’t have these ELSS in DEMAT form you’ll have to dematerialize them to move them to Coin. Click here for the procedure. If you need help with the entire process you can raise a ticket in the above mentioned link and our support reperesentative will get in touch with you.

The charges for de-materialization is Rs 150 + Rs 100. However, as part of a promotional offer, There will be no charge to dematerialize your mutual fund investments and transfer them to Coin up to Oct 31st, 2018.

I am holding HDFC Midcap opportunities fund in my ICICI Direct Demat account. I wish to close that demat and trading account and transfer the MF units to my Zerodha account.
What is the procedure to do so? Is there any way to do completely online without the use of DIS?