Regarding offset (1) in Inside Bar scanner

In the discovery scanners - bullish inside bar, I see the previous candles high and low referred using the offset (1), should it not be (-1) ? What difference does it make using (1) over (-1) here?


Scan for High(0) - Low(0) down by 25% from High(1) - Low(1) and Abs( Open(0) - Close(0) ) lower than Abs( Open(1) - Close(1) ) and High(0) lower than High(1) and Low(0) higher than Low(1) and ( Open(0) lower than Close(0) and Open(1) higher than Close(1) ) and ( Close(0) lower than Open(1) and Open(0) higher than Close(1) ) on Daily candles using candlestick chart

@Kunal_Streak @Hitesh_Streak kindly clarify on this pls

In the offset field even if you enter a positive number or a negative number the value will only fetch the specific previous candle’s data. Meaning -1 and +1 will both fetch the data for the previous candle from the current. To understand this better, you can click here-

Thanks for clarifying brother.

I have already gone through the link you had provided. But it did not have any such Information about positive value. It would be nice if the online document is updated with this info so others may get benefitted.

Thanks again for replying.

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Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded the same to the concerned team.