Regarding pulse. Zerodha. Com

In the news is collected from all the major business websites

why it not showing a single news from

is there any particular issues with

Moneycontrol again is more like an aggregator than a news agency.

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I’m waiting for the Mozilla Firefox extension of Pulse like it’s there for Google Chrome. When can I expect it ?

No plans currently. You can just keep the Pulse tab pinned in your browser :slight_smile:

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Why don’t u integrate Pulse with Varsity, making it a relevant news tab. As a standalone app it’s not something people will be compelled to download.
Or better if u put it in hand of Finception team, they will curate it for mass consumption.
Just a suggestion, u guys can come up with better one.

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I have it pinned… But I feel there is a need for an extension… I don’t think it’s difficult for you guys…