Regarding stock brokers

In india which is the best stock broker and user friendly software.

funny… you are logging in to forum made by Zerodha and still asking which is best broker :smile:

you should give Zerodha a try, you won’t regret it.


One Should kept the following Points in mind, while choosing best broker in India:

  1. Expertise in technology: Always choose the broker who should have inhouse tech team, because they can solve your issue in a blink and able to meet the customer demand. Technology driven brokers are more trustworthy and can always have solution-oriented approach.

  2. Transparency: There are number of ways, via which broker can charge from customers. You should choose the broker which must have transparency & should convey each and every charges to their broker.

  3. Brokerage charges: Always choose the broker who should have low brokerage charges, low maintenance charges. As some of the brokers have charges hefty amount for holding your shares and they deduct the amount at last. So, just keep this in mind.

  4. Customer Support: Customer Support should be good, because if you stuck somewhere you need a constant support from the broker and if they are not available it can lead to confusion and even huge loss.

you can visit Select by finology and find the best broker on the basis of customer reviews, pros and cons and brokerage charges.

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Since i do not do FnO , am satisfied on many parameters with Zerodha except that (1) since they only do EPI , shares sold on ex buyback date or buyback record date will not be valid for buyback offer (2) Except at one Place , they do not have office /collection center , it is expensive , time consuming and tedious plus no facility to get an acknowledgement to do off market transaction which i faced recently while Warrant exercise of Moldtek packaging and ultimately i have to sell in the market as warrant only .
Suggestion is to have collection center in other towns too . @ShubhS9 @nithin