Regarding stock trading


Hmm. Good Suggesion from a renowned trader :sweat_smile:

Guys take the note and plan your future.

I liked one of his suggesion which says SEBI did not allow retailers unless they complete a course ( I think it is a better idea than what SEBI want to implement )

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AGREE >>>>> Today, majority of broker ads, TV channels and technical analysts are encouraging and luring youth into trading. It is a recipe for disaster. Buy at Rs 65, stop loss Rs 60, target Rs 70. Even god can’t predict that. They are fooling people to generate their business and income in the name of the liquidity.

“Every day, self-proclaimed stock market “experts” tell us why the market just went up or down, as if they really knew. So where were they yesterday?”

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There is more satisfaction in self learning and failing rather than following these experts blindly.

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Does this guy run some trading teaching institution ? :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy:… I remember of an old story after reading the post of Vijay Kedia ,DISCOURAGING GUY. The story is like this
There was a man who buys a goat and was taking to his home. But this goat was eyed by a group of intelligent thieves . They some how wanted this goat. So on of the person went and asked the goat owner can you give me this goat and i will pay 50% more than the actual value. The man refused. So these thieves planned a cunning plot. They split among themselves at stood at each junction through which this man was passing with the goat . The first guy asked “Hey friend where are you taking this dog ? from where you bought this dog …Its looking so ugly”. The man was surprised and shouted at that guy saying your blind you don’t see its a GOAT and not DOG and continued his travel. At another junction the other team member was waiting for this man with goat and he also passed the same comment. This went on at each junction . Finally the Goat owner starting doubting whether i bought GOAT or DOG… Finally before reaching home he abandoned the GOAT saying i was cheated by giving a DOG to me. The thieves were waiting for this moment. As soon as that man abandoned the GOAT these guys came and took that GOAT.

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