Regarding Zerodha opentrade. Is the information really correct?


I was interested in getting a paid subscription to Zerodha opentrade.
However, today i noticed one of the stars who is on a drawdown. Having a trading capital of 32.5k losing 8 lakhs. How is this possible? I don’t think any broker allows so much leverage, and the position is ideally auto-squared off by the broker before it goes down after a certain extent.

Am i missing something? Kindly help to enlighten me.

(Here is the screenshot of what i was referring to)

We’ll have this average value checked and get back to you. It seems to be discrepant compared to the avg value of all the other star traders.

Also, Kiana seems to primarily be a Commodity trader, with his favourites being Silver and Crudeoil. A 100% span margin is required to carry forward commodity trades, so no these are not highly leveraged trades.

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