Regulatory measures by SEBI due to current market volatility

That’s scary…thanks for the quick reply.

Does this mean that we won’t get intraday leverage for the next month on f&o index especially while shorting options @nithin @siva

Not necessarily, but lets see.

So for an intraday trader who does not trade in F&O and who trades only in the equity cash segment and has 0 shares in his demat account, the only impact will be that he will be able to get maximum 4x and minimum 1x leverage while taking a long or short intraday position using the MIS product.

Also there is no restriction on short selling in intra day equity in cash segment. Is my understanding correct?

@siva Government seems to be , quietly shut down and imposed some restrictions on general public activities from tomorrow till march 31st , so what about the market functioning !! ? will it be open or closed !! ?

What about the intraday leverage on banknifty options writing ,will it be revoked @nithin

I also have this question.

Is it possible that exchanges could be shut down till march 31st?

Take it slow, no one knows what is going to happen, as and when situation evolves we will update on our bulletin, take a break if you are not having any open positions.

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If Maharastra Govt example taken , probably Market will be open , I think @nithin will know more details and can answer it

No one knows what is going to happen, we also know as much as you do, just wait and watch and pray for the best.

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Just now i came to know from one of our Transport guy , In Karnataka , except , medical & Grocery shops &Agricultural products all other services are closed & section 144 imposed , til March 31st , so my worry is that since Zerodha office in Bangalore , whether you people are able work or not.

This only means no public gatherings. This is not a curfew.

Schools/colleges are surely shutdown. But offices and business will have to take a call on whether to remain open or not.

So far exchanges have not given out any circular regarding closure. So this means exchanges are running tomorrow. However things may change tomorrow.

We are already working from home since close to 2 weeks. We are full functional.


Well , Take care @siva

That is commendable.

hi @siva can you please let me know if I have existing open F&O positions in Yes Bank and now it has entered F&O ban, can I hold them till expiry or I have to mandatorily square them off before expiry? I understand that I will not be taking any fresh F&O positions and can trade in F&O only to square off my current open F&O positions.

You can hold till expiry but as physical settlement kicks in make sure margins are available as on last wednesday and thursday margins will be doubled.

Asked same on another thread… pls someone make it clear

  1. If I have existing NIFTY LONG in MARCH FUTURES, and do not have any CASH HOLDINGS, can I sell this and BUY APRIL FUTURES of NIFTY?
    Or, I have to call your call center and ask them to ROLLOVER?

  2. Can I buy a FRESH NEW NRML positions in NIFTY LONG (say 1 lot only) whenever I see the opportunity?

@nithin @siva Could you please clarify on my two points?