Related to addition of discrepant holdings

Hi. I tried to add the details of IEX IPO as discrepant holding. After inputting all the required data when I tried to save it, it was saved. The entry was showing on the list. But at the same time, it showed something like, ‘sorry, we don’t have the buy price of following entities…’ and so on. Then I refreshed the page and the same entry again got saved. Now I have two similar entries on the discrepant holding list.

I want to know if there’s a way to remove the redundant entry. If not, then what am I going to see on my holding page at the listing day? Two similar entries? Thus, twice the p&l values? How do I correct it?


There is no need for you add discrepant values for shares allotted in an IPO. The allotment price will be updated automatically. About the redundant entry write to [email protected]