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I have difficulty choosing stock scripts for the specific purpose
In screenshot you see TCS when my purpose is for intraday and holding for long term which script of the TCS should I choose.
I can understand options and futures scripts from the image TCS CE and TCS FUT respectively.
But I have difficulty in choosing the script for intraday and long term holding

Hello @kpsrikanth_nitk

You can load TCS in NSE or in BSE in order to trade it for Intraday or to take a Holding positions in Demat.

I have added both TCS in NSE and BSE in the screenshot below.

In the Order Window, select CNC for delivery trading and select MIS for Intraday trading.

TCS-BE is the Trade to Trade(T2T) category of the stock. A stock is moved to the T2T category when there is excessive speculation to curb false trades. A stock can either trade in the normal category or in the T2T category. It cannot trade in both at the same time. TCS trades in the normal category. TCS-BE does not trade.

Additional Note: BE stands for Book Entry. What this means is that when a stock is purchased in the BE category, one has to take delivery of the stock(it must be entered in the books) to be able to sell it. Intraday trading as well as BTST trading isn’t allowed in stocks that fall in the BE category.

TCS-BL is for Block Deals. Orders placed in the BL category should have a minimum purchase quantity of 5,00,000 shares. A separate window is provided by the exchange for the Block Deal session which is available for 35 minutes from when the market opens, i.e. 9.15am to 9.50am.

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Thanks for reply
For BTST which one should I choose CNC or MIS

@kpsrikanth_nitk For BTST you have to choose CNC as you need to take delivery of the stock in order to be able to sell it tomorrow.