Reliabilty of scanner..please advice

Hi I was just trying to check reliability of scanner in pi since they have put a trade button right next to alert in case you don’t want to see the chart yourself. My script was HIGH= REF(HIGH,1) AND REF(HIGH,1) = REF(HIGH,2) AND RSI(CLOSE,7)<40 (three highs must be equal) on three minutes candlestick chart. As shown in screenshot 'WRONG ALERT ’ I get an alert on Fortis at 10:09 am 28/08/17 but as shown in screenshot “WRONG ALERT 2” the condition was not met. When condition was finally met after sometime (check last 4 candles in wrong alert 2) there was no alert at all. When I raised the query to support , they told me that scanner can’t save data for more than one minute.
My questions are–

  1. Am I not suppose to use scanner for three minutes candlestick charts??
  2. Are scanners any reliable ?
  3. Is there something wrong i am doing in scripting.

Also there were moments when all the script in scanner light up yellow at once.

Please help…Any advice will be appreciated.

In above code you have used High and close of the candle, As scanner works based on LTP, it keep on checking on last traded price and will give alert when ever the condition met irrespective of close of the candle as the repainting happens with the LTP prices on the current candle, there is a possibility of generating alerts.