Reliance AGM today

Any big annoncemnt planed?

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Let’s see what will be future trajectory of the company from hereon. The company can enter a new sector or expand its already growing set of businesses in different segments.

Hopefully highlight smooth succession plan.

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I don’t know about a succession plan from the family, if there are any to fill such big shoes, but I guess it will be good even if they recruit someone from outside.

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  • Always felt that with the size that reliance is, It’s treasury dept must be so huge that it might almost function like a bank.

Out of the box guess - if regulations agree, they might just foray into some type of financial services.

  • Entertainment industry

  • Nasdaq listing for one of its divisions

  • Stake sale to Aramco

They did enter into English entertainment, Reliance did produce or partnered with other production houses, although I am not sure if it is Mukesh Ambani or Anil Ambani.

I don’t see the logo now, so they may have stopped.

Anil Ambani had entered production in Hollywood and have produced some big movies, Not sure on the current status.

So it was Anil, so they got stopped, understandable.

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I think they still have holding in Dreamworks Pictures

I see, I don’t know about this. I just remember a logo. I may have thought it belongs to Mukesh Ambani.

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Reliance AGM takeways - Pan India 5G in 18 months, private 5g network, Cloud PC, Qualcomm partnership, new carbon fibre plant, renewable energy push with solar (quartz to modules), green hydrogen, offshore wind, biomass in mix, new power electronics factory, net carbon zero by 2035 and Ambanis spreading their web in news, entertainment, sports, retail, fmcg, oil and pvc products with Reliance care philosophy.


In other words, they will be into A to Z, just like Amazon.

Reliance is a long race horse, sometimes the hurdle is high and the horse falls, sometimes the horse jumps over two hurdles :horse:

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Only Reliance Jio holds the 700Mhz 5G spectrum now. That alone is going to kill lot of its competition.

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