Reliance Bonus Share Query

I have already been holding 6 reliance equity shares for more than one year as of 9th Sep 2017, but due to 1:1 bonus share the share price halved. I need some emergency funds now so I want to sell the 6 reliance shares. So, if I sell my old 6 reliance shares now will I still be eligible to get my 6 additional bonus shares. Can you please check and confirm because I don’t have time to wait for 2 weeks. Please clarify.

The record date for Reliance bonus issue was 8 Sep 2017. So if the shares were present in your Demat account as of record date that is 8 Sep, then you are already eligible for the bonus shares. You can go ahead and sell your 6 shares if required, the bonus shares will still come to you.

Hello all

My family has been holding decent number of RIL shares for very long. However, these have been physical shares. We are planning to demat them now. Will we be eligible for Bonus Share. Is it too late already? Bonus share were announced in July 2017

Company giving bonus ,rights or dividend has no relevance with your holding of physical shares . if you hold physical shares you will get bonus in physical form .
if you has shares in the record of company on 8 September you must have got bonus in physical form sometimes around 20 September 2017 by registered post.