Reliance dials 8888888888 to shop for Justdial

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So Reliance has announced they will be buying 67% stake in Justdial.

the valuations Reliance Retail and Reliance Jio will fetch once they public are going to be astonishing…

what exactly is justdial ?
i never saw anyone use justdial.

Justdial has listed all the retailers on their website. Maybe reliance wants to use this data to implement it in jiomart.

You can shop online from your nearby store.

reliance could source that data easily.
that data is not worth 3500 crores.

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Its time consuming. Thats why big companies acquire small company. Reliance has ajio in online fashion industry but they are not successful as myntra. Other side flipkart acquire mynta and flipkart was acquired by walmart.

Facebook was trying to create me too product like Instagram but they couldn’t make it and end up acquiring Instagram.

It took so many years to gather all this data for justdial.

I still remember they were hiring graduates giving them lenovo tablet with monthly target.

I know it seems easy to acquire this data. But in reality if jio ask retailers to sign up by themselves. Most of retailers won’t do it.

I don’t like justdial their search algorithms don’t work as suppose to.

Even if you select your city. They will show you results from other city as well.

I think reliance need user traffic and justdial data.

The flipkart/walmart acquisition is mainly about acquiring customers, which makes sense.
I can understand if reliance wants to buy companies for customers.

In case of justdial, the ‘customer’ angle does not make sense, because I never saw anyone using justdial firsthand. Never heard anyone using justdial secondhand.

First, Collecting data is a hard task, but not an impossible one.
Second, The data is not exactly a game changer in any sense. if reliance wanted list of all phone numbers/address of all SMBs across India, they could get that from government (data is already with MCA)

Reliance is known for building business groundup, They built Jio without acquiring any existing operator.
are you saying they got scared away by the work it takes to collect data ?

There is definetely something here that is missing.
Either Justdial has some secret product they are not revealing or lot of people uses justdial which i am not aware of.

Just dial has a PE ratio of 33. So they are for sure making profit and people use it.

Reliance will get that data, profit etc. It makes sense to me, If they are buying it.

Personally, I feel Justdial can be improved easily as a website also. It just needed new management, that it may get now.

People do use justdial.
I have couple of my business listed in justdial. Annually it costs me 6k. The response from it is totally worth the price. I get min 3 enquires everyday giving reference to my listing in JD. The revenue generated is easily 5lakhs and if I consider a profit margin of even 20 percent, JD generates 1L profit for me. And these customers become my customers forever.

People may not specifically look to search on JD. But their Google search directs them to JD.

Interesting dude

right… whenever you search for any business etc. results for JD are always top.