Reliance Partly Paid Shares - Demat Transfer to Zerodha

In june, had applied for Reliance Rights Issue from three demat accounts @ another broker. Now I’m in the process of consolidating & transferring them to Zerodha.

Combination of the three demat accounts are as follows :-


At Zerodha I have a joint account i.e. A+B

I have the following queries :-

  1. Can I transfer & consolidate all the Reliance fully paid shares without bothering the partly paid ones’ ?
  2. Can the partly paid shares be combined and still deemed valid ?
  3. Can I transfer the partly paid shares of A+B combo to Zerodha and ensure I don’t lose the right to pay the first call next year ?

P.S :: I did call the Support desk but they were like “Nothing will happen… but you still clarify with your present broker”.

@mohitmehra can you.


Any instrument that is held in a particular Demat account can be transferred. There should not be any restrictions

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Yes, you can.

Yes, the company will just check which account has the shares as on the record date (to be announced later). The holder of the demat account that has the shares will be eligible for the calls - regardless of who was allotted or bought the shares from the secondary market.

Yes, using a delivery instruction slip or online transfers - [Speed-e (NSDL demat accounts) or Easiest (CDSL demat accounts)]. You can’t use the account closure-cum-transfer route unless your Zerodha account is also in the order of A+B.

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Thank you for the elaborate response Mohit.