Renko chart with Supertrend


Dear Sir/Madam

  1. I am using Renko Chart with box size of 1 in 15 minutes time frame ( Thought time has no importance)
  2. Supertrend with 14 & 3
  3. Support & Resistance indicators

Problem facing is as under ::-
Boxes disappear once it creates .

For example :-

Suppose I get buy signal @ 100 at 9.30 AM if price goes up to 105 you will get five boxes . however if price starts going down to say 99 at 09.32 AM the boxes along with buy signal vanishes from the screen and in the process I incure losses as I buy the share on the basis of buy signal.

How to make out if box appear are permanent and not temporary
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Sujit Mukherjee - 9818405035

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Yes Sir, apparently I too am facing the same issues. Not only renko the problem is with all the price based charts including the likes of point and figure as well as range bars. Did you find any solution to this?

If there is a solution to this please do comment.


When using renko or range, until the current brick/bar gets printed completely and the next one starts, it shouldn’t be taken as a signal.


I believe as long as the price is fluctuating within the 15 min window (or whatever timeframe you choose), the box will keep on changing. It will stay permanent only if the change remains intact even after the time window has lapsed. I prefer the lowest possible timeframe so that I can keep a track of change which will remain permanent de to small timeframe window.


Nithin, this problem is happening after the brick printed completely also


If you are using Average True Range (ATR), there is always a chance that if ATR changes, boxes will be redrawn based on the new ATR. So, you may see boxes disappearing completely. Observe ATR next time or switch to a point based renko.


Hi when I select renko chart…it appears once and then disappear. Kindly suggest what’s is issue ?