Renko intraday trading

Can anybody shade some light on how to deal with these kind of whipsaws on renko chart ( screenshot posted).

Settings: renko chart (1 min, brick size 1)

Supertrend 5 period 1 multiplier and RSI period 2 and oversold 5, overbought 95.

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do buy only above buying signal and vice versa. put 20 paisa buffer on buying and selling

stop using renko

Can you explain why? :thinking:

I traded many times but its not as easy as you think check any professional trader do they use renko charts?just bcos is looks perfect it doesn’t mean it works perfectly.


Super Trend is quite unreliable. In my experience, MACD works so much better along with Renko.

Moving Averages, Donchian Channel, Bollinger Bands etc, also works well with Renko Charts.

If you wish to know more Read the Profitable Trading with Renko Charts book by Prashant Shah. He have explained in detail about renko charts along with examples on different indicators and setups to go with it.