Renko strategy creation in Streak

Below is my strategy. Please help me create it:

Nifty bank
time frame - 1 min
Renko - brick size - traditional- 10
Supertrend 10,3

*When supertrend signal is buy - buy 500 point ITM call option
*Time - after 9.16 am & before -3. 15
*Exit- 3.15

@trade4lyf Check out the image below to learn how to create the strategy conditions:

The conditions will trigger when the close crosses above the Supertrend(10,3). The condition will be checked in the Nifty Bank index. However, you won’t be able to trade the Nifty Bank index since it is not tradable.

You cannot select option contracts manually or use the ‘Dynamic contract’ feature in the ‘Basic’ create mode. They can only be accessed through the ‘Advance’ create mode whereas, Renko is only available in the ‘Basic’ create mode. Therefore, you cannot create strategies using Renko for Options currently in Streak.