Report from CDSL for stock holdings

I would like to check my holdings with CDSL to verify that Zerodha reports are correct. What is the way to do it?

You can sign-up for CDSL Easi, after that you can view your Demat holdings on the CDSL portal. You can check out this post explaining the process.

The article linked takes me to Console – Zerodha

This shows

Found the correct URL is

So I registered on CDSL. But cannot login. I did not lose my password or anything. The login is not working.

Tried using forget password and it said it sent the new password on my email which they showed on the screen. No email is coming. Waiting since 10 minutes.

Tried checking for contact information and the contact page is basically one person’s phone number

@ShubhS9 This is the correct URL to login, correct?

I tried and when I enter my details from it says enter a valid BO ID.

Yes, this is the URL to login to My Easi.

You can check out this page.

I Faced Similar Problem For All of My Family Members Account you have to write these password again and again until your account gets blocked and then cdsl will ask you to click on forget your password. Kindly do this and then change your password. Your CDSL Easi account will work fine after that.

Have you checked your Spam folder? Kindly check it and then let me know if it’s there or not.