Report of Funds transferred between Zerodha and Bank

How to get a report of Funds transferred between my Zerodha account and Bank ?

Dude you can check your ledger for all these details. All these simple queries have been answered multiple times in the forum, make an effort to search for a query before asking. Just saying.

Thanks you and Point taken :+1:

I am trying to get the report of how much money i have deposited till now in zerodha from my bank account. To get sense of profit and loss (do not want to use P&L book , as i had reinvested Profit )

Is there any way to find how much I had transferred from Bank to my Zerodha account, kind of Deposit reports?. I couldnt find any way in Q/Backoffice tool

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Personally I keep simple TXT file containing how much i deposited, Profit / loss (quarterly), Withdrawing and so on… you can try this simple book keeping

If you are using Zerodha, download Ledger report for desired period, open in excel and filter on Voucher Type = “Bank Receipts”. This will provide details of transaction from Bank To Zerodha.