Request for clear answer buyback HEG

@Bhuvan @siva hi sirs below is my example. Please guide on buyback procedure.

HEG i have 2 shares in Zerodha account.
HEG i have 8 shares in my Icicidirect account. Same PAN number

Total Value of my holding is well within 2 lacs as on buyback record date

Now when buyback window opens i want to tender all my 10:shares that i held as on record date.

Is it valid if i submit separate buyback tender application with Zerodha and Icicidirect?

Will they process both application?

I am OK if they return some shares but want confirmation if minimum shares be accepted by them?

YES you can very well do so. acceptance will be on proportionate basis.06 /02 was last date to buy with buyback .