Request for Draft Order Feature

Dear Zerodha Team,
@Meher_Smaran, @Arockiya_Raja ,

I’d like to propose the addition of a Draft Order feature to the platform. This would enable users to pre-plan trades by entering quantity, price and other details, saving them for later execution.
Currently, I am using the Basket feature for this purpose (by adding single stock in each basket), but it is time-consuming. A Draft Order feature would streamline this process, enhancing user experience and trading efficiency.

Furthermore, integrating this feature with Price Alerts would be incredibly beneficial. Allowing users to set alerts that automatically execute Draft Orders when triggered would significantly enhance proactive trading strategies.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.

Best regards :slightly_smiling_face:

Some advanced orders are currently being worked on. We will provide details as soon as it is ready.

  • You may need multiple drafts for the same scrip?
  • Does having a separate place button for each scrip in the basket order serve the same purpose?

I am trying to understand the requirement.

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That’s great! I’m really looking forward to hearing more about it :smiley:

Yes, having a separate place button for each scrip in the basket order would serve the same purpose.

If it’s available, having the option for multiple drafts for the same scrip would indeed be more useful. This would allow us to have draft orders for the same script but with multiple quantity/price. Then, according to the market condition, we can decide which order to be executed.

As a breakout trader, I rely heavily on setting price alerts for breakout levels. When these alerts are triggered, it’s crucial to execute buy orders immediately, as prices can move rapidly post-breakout. To facilitate this, I currently create separate baskets for each stock, saving the Quantity and Trigger price of the SL buying order within each basket.

Furthermore, I adjust my exposure according to market conditions by varying the quantity—such as full position, half position, or quarter position.

If a separate “Execute” button were available within the basket, I wouldn’t need to create multiple baskets for each stock. Instead, I could consolidate all my stocks into a single basket and execute only those whose alerts are triggered.

Additionally, if I could add the same script (say XYZ) multiple times, I could save multiple orders for each stock, such as “XYZ full,” “XYZ half,” “XYZ quarter,” etc., streamlining the process and providing more flexibility in managing trades.

GTT does not fulfill this requirement? placing order based on the movement of another instrument?

Feedback has been noted. We will look into the possibilities.

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Not really.
Sometimes, midcap or smallcap stocks experience sudden spikes or gap ups, causing the GTT to execute.
I prefer to buy when there is momentum, so I closely monitor for breakouts and then purchase the stock.

A separate ‘Execute’ button in the basket would serve my purpose better.

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