Requesting a new feature

Hello Team,
I would like to request you to have area where it shows top gainer, top losers, yearly high, yearly low, similar to Paytm.

Other than that there must have few more watch list too, I have divided my list in terms of sectors like IT, Pharma, Auto Sector, etc. There are few more. It will nice if we have 10 or 20.

Can this be possible?


I had decided to post the same request, then thought i should check it first :grin:, see :+1:

Yeah, in our list of things to do.

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Yes this would be an awesome feature.

Also it will be great if we can classify our holdings into baskets. For example, I can have long term buy and hold stocks + dividend stocks + swing trading position etc… + some idea based buy (like my own smallcase) etc.

If I want to see only holdings belonging to a particular strategy, it becomes easier

Yeah, tagging for each order will come on our back office console soon.