Requesting since long time! Take the poll from users

In mobile app and in kite web. Please provide fixed P&L on top of the page. Similar to nifty and sensex. Or let user choose whatever he wants to. Just like sticky pins in mobile app. Instead of instruments, let user set P&L OR HOLDINGS P&L OR POSITIONS P&L. A Small display or a floating widget of P&L Users or Traders specially will have an eye on it. It’s a benefit feature. @nithin

Hmm… we have discussed this internally in the past and decided not to do it. Let me have a word again.

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I’ll pay huge gratitude if this feature enabled someday. :pray: It’s a pure Trader’s necessity.


Please do something about this! :pray:


Sirji! Kuch intazaam Karo. :pray:

Atleast implement temporarily, Based on feedbacks take decision later.

hmm… how do you do something temporarily :slight_smile:

@Arockiya_Raja we spoke about this recently right?

Yes, we discussed this and decided not to do this. Maybe we will review this in the future.

In a wide webpage can’t adjust just a bracket P&L ? Don’t understand why it’s ignored!

@Arockiya_Raja. P&L is more vital on front page and keeping an eye on gains than. Sticks Pins and Index’s

Please man! Do some sketch.:money_mouth_face::smiling_imp:

Please guys! Help me with this