Requesting since long time! Take the poll from users

In mobile app and in kite web. Please provide fixed P&L on top of the page. Similar to nifty and sensex. Or let user choose whatever he wants to. Just like sticky pins in mobile app. Instead of instruments, let user set P&L OR HOLDINGS P&L OR POSITIONS P&L. A Small display or a floating widget of P&L Users or Traders specially will have an eye on it. It’s a benefit feature. @nithin

Hmm… we have discussed this internally in the past and decided not to do it. Let me have a word again.

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I’ll pay huge gratitude if this feature enabled someday. :pray: It’s a pure Trader’s necessity.


Please do something about this! :pray:


Sirji! Kuch intazaam Karo. :pray:

Atleast implement temporarily, Based on feedbacks take decision later.

hmm… how do you do something temporarily :slight_smile:

@Arockiya_Raja we spoke about this recently right?

Yes, we discussed this and decided not to do this. Maybe we will review this in the future.

In a wide webpage can’t adjust just a bracket P&L ? Don’t understand why it’s ignored!

@Arockiya_Raja. P&L is more vital on front page and keeping an eye on gains than. Sticks Pins and Index’s

Please man! Do some sketch.:money_mouth_face::smiling_imp:

Please guys! Help me with this

@Arockiya_Raja Iska kuch karo

We haven’t seen many requests for this. As informed, if the perspective/demand changes, we may revisit this later.

Man! Instead giving it to sticky PINS Just provide for PNL. Provide an option to USER to Select Stocks or P&L or HOldings. Whatever. Many requests? Please do it man. This is somehting needed for traders.

You guys are very good at showing all the unnecessary details on profile details, providing options to DP pictures, and App sections filled up with already known information. What do i do with all that stuff? Top of this, Asking for most needed area to focus as a trader or any other (An external gadget to move P&L) And I see too much of attitude with your responses. Don’t know why.

Keep watching sensex and nifty scores than users P&L? Which one do you think important? I don’t understand why you don’t give any f to requests.