Requesting Suggestions for Selecting the Mutual Fund Plans

Please suggest me the best balanced direct fund - monthly dividend, Thanks!

10% per Month ? You have to talk to Janet Yellen to rise Rates in US to 10% and then invest there :grinning:


@devaragul Firstly, your expectation is unrealistic to be achieved through the path of Mutual fund and planning for a fixed regular income is not achievable, even with Dividend plans and MIPs.
As they say, Mutual funds are subject to Market Risks, they really do! Invest the money which you won’t need for a very long time to get any fruitful returns. Please bear in mind that Mutual Funds are an instrument to accumulate long-term wealth than focus on returns per year (or per month as you have expected).
If you are looking for an alternate source of income through markets with the capital you have, there are ways to do it, like trading derivates segment through your NRO PIS account after going through a lot of paperwork and process, but they are highly risky and consistent profits are hard to achieve.
Trading Equity as Positional trades is another alternative through NRE PIS account, however, taxation treatment of the capital gains is same for NRIs as is for residents and the bank you hold PIS account should do TDS.
Please do understand that with this you will not be relieved of doing the task filing your ITR with due diligence.

Please read some good material on investing before taking any course of action and taking suggestions from “so-called” experts.


Thanks for the info!

See this ICICI prudential fund is giving only 12.6 per year. Interest rates and returns always mentioned per year basis not per month.

Do home work don’t rush and put your money.

This is best site to learn.

Also read this.

In the given link, its mentioned 14.88% per year. You have mentioned 12.6%. where I missed?

ok… Now I got! 14.88 - 2.21% expense = 12.6%

If I invest in ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund - Direct Plan, I will get 16.52 - 0.77% = 15.75. If I go with monthly dividend investing of 10 Lakhs, I will get 6581.11 (1000000/30.39 = 32905, 32905 x 0.20 = 6581.11). Am I missed something? Do I get 6581.11 in my NRO account “considering the next dividend is also as 0.20”?