Requesting User Feedback for Sensibull Expert Advice Product

Hello guys,

We have launched a new product - Expert Advice.

Our vision is to help retail investors become profitable in the market. And getting transparent advice from advisors whose performance is verified is an important part of it. In Expert Advice you can track the accuracy and profitability of advisors. In other words, we help you answer the question “How can I find a good advisor to follow”

We aim to make this the most transparent and the most trusted advice product impacting the investing journey of lakhs of people.

If you would like to take it for a test drive and give feedback, please let me know. This will help us a lot in improving the product.

Happy to give free subscriptions for this. You can pay and ask us for a refund citing this thread :slight_smile: . Please write to [email protected] to get refunds.

Please give your valuable feedback in this thread so that we can improve the product. Thank you for your time in advance

Abid from Sensibull


Thats interesting. You seem to have monthly and 3 months plan…are both options eligible for free trial?

Much helpful,.
Don’t look before trading
Then it’s mostly trade become unsuccessful.
Zerodha authority,
It needs trailing stop loss to be reintroduce,

Since so many trader are leaving zerodha for margin restrictions and TSL issue.
A Group of trader keeping an account to learn
But trading not much through Zerodha.

Hope you will take its a feedback,
No personal.

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No doubt its a great product and brings transparency to what experts claim their profitability is. This is a great tool for someone looking for trade ideas but where it lacks is that it cannot be a ‘real advisor’ given the broadcast nature of trades. For this to be useful for serious investors there should be a ‘portfolio management’ kind of service where for eg I have 10L Rs then I can follow a particular advisor who gives trades for 10L or some how I can create a basket of advisors and their trades will always sum to 10L.
The biggest challenge a new trader will face is position sizing and this tool doesn’t take care of that because advisor doesn’t use capital size in mind when providing trades.
But like I said, a tool to get new trade ideas, this is great.


@Sensibull no replies so far…are the free options available for monthly as well as quarterly plans?