Require Alerts Functionality

We require Alerts functionality in both kite web & mobile applications or is it already available which I am not aware of.

I know that we have sentinel to trigger alerts but it is a separate interface - we need alert creation in live charts with notifications just equivalent to trading view platform.

Also one more question - Can Sentinel trigger be mapped to basket orders now available in kite web wherein on a Sentinel trigger a kite basket order will be executed.

Pls provide details.

Sentinel trigger cannot be mapped with Basket Order on Kite, if you want to execute Basket based on Alert then you can use the Sentinel Basket order for this purpose.

@ShubhS9 / @Siva What about this point - Can this be made available?

Yeah, in our list to offer.

Any dates when this feature will be made available


@siva , when is this planned, planned 3 yrs back

Haha - @siva @nithin Even after having Tradingview 2.0 integrated you are not able to bring in this feature :grinning:

The charting library is not our in-house product. It is a vendor product, As a broker, we can provide features provided in broker integration. There are constraints when it comes to modifying the library during its integration process, building features on top of libraries is a complex process that requires a significant amount of time and resources. This feature (alert creation from the chart) has not made it to our priority list. No ETA for now.

Might be not in your priority list but definitely in customer priority list and is a long pending item too.